Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun Facts About Wedding and Honeymoon

Greek and Roman Community used mixed of white onion, medical plants,and grain to make bouquet for wedding ceremonial. White onion is trusted to defend evil spirit, medical plant or grain is make sure that this wedding is usefull for both of groom and bride. Moreover,Polandian spread a bit of sugar at flower bouquet to keep groom and bride's temperament.

wedding cake always have an important role in every wedding ceremony. Ancient roman drop wedding cake at head of groom as a symbol of fertility and prospeous. Meanwhile,
many culture believe that dropping wheat and flour at head of groom and then eat cake remnants together will be bring luck.
In the middle century, guests bring a little cake and stacked on a table. groom and bride should kiss that cake for luck.

early, groom didnt wear white gown. In the 18 century, most of them wear their best gown for the wedding. Red is a favoutite colour in the middle century at Europe. The other colors used to have a certain symbol, such as blue means tenacious and green means a young spirit. and after that, white is used as a symbol of purity. and until now, white is always used, evenmore for second wedding.

first kiss in the end of wedding ceremony between groom and bride have an important meaning since many years ago. Many culture believe that, kissing is exchange both of spirit and soul between groom and bride by their breath

After marriage, bride will bring his groom to a place where family and bestfriend can not find them. They will live for one periode (moon) in that place and drink mead, wine made by honey to add their romance. from that even, honeymoon is come from.

ring actually wore at middle finger in the left hand because this pulse is believed straight to the heart.

Throwing Rice
one of tradition in wedding is spread rice come from hindu and ancient china's culture. from this culture, rice is symbol of prospeus.

mystery and romance always come with uses of face veil at groom. early, veil is used to hide groom from kidnaper. romance interpretation appear when veil hidding face the groom more valuable. veil is a symbol of young and virginity.

Night Fun
average, 78 percents of women having sexs at their first night. however, if you become the rest 22 percents, dont worried, you can take a rest at that night and give suprises for your husband in the next morning.




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