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Premonition (2007)

Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock) is a suburban housewife with two daughters. After driving her daughters to school one morning (Thursday), she arrives home to find a message on her answering machine from her husband Jim (Julian McMahon), referencing a conversation that they had a few days ago. However, his message is cut off by an incoming call. The doorbell rings and a police officer arrives saying that her husband died the previous day in a horrible car accident, on a certain road right around mile marker 220. Distraught and confused, her mom comes over to help out. She leaves her friend a message to call her back. Her mom says that she is tired and goes to sleep in the den.

The next morning (Monday), Linda wakes up and looks for her mom in the den, and her mom is not there. However, she sees her husband still alive. She believes that it the previous day's events were all a dream.

The following morning (Saturday), Linda wakes up at home and goes downstairs to see a wake for her husband. Linda notices that she has a bottle of Lithium pills prescribed by Dr. Roth. Again, she is very confused. She goes to the backyard and sees that her older daughter has cuts on her face, and no one at the funeral knows why the daughter has these cuts. They all go to the funeral, and Linda thinks that it might all be a hoax, so she demands that they open the casket, despite everyone's protests. She struggles with the coffin, and Jim's head rolls out. At the funeral, she sees a woman staring over at the procession. She goes to confront the woman, and the woman said that Linda and she talked the previous day. Linda says that she has never seen the woman before, and the woman drives off. Later in the evening, her family and friends have had a psychologist, Dr. Roth, come to commit Linda to an insane asylum. At the insane asylum, Linda overhears Dr. Roth mentioning to the on-staff doctor that Linda had called him on Tuesday saying that her husband would die the following day.

The next morning (Tuesday), she goes to see Dr. Roth, who she tells that her husband is going to die. She also tells him that Dr. Roth will prescribe a bottle of Lithium pills for her. Dr. Roth says that is precisely what he would diagnose for her. Linda then goes to visit her husband at work, and she asks her husband to take her and the kids away on a trip. Her husband says that he is very busy and says that they will talk about it later. Jim also introduces her to the mystery woman Claire from the funeral. She is the new assistant manager that Jim is working with. Linda suspects that Jim is having an affair. After her kids come home from school, Linda is upstairs, and her kids are downstairs. It starts to rain, and she shouts to the kids to grab the laundry drying on the laundry rack. Linda then realizes that this action might cause her daughter to end up with cuts, so she tries to stop her. However, her daughter does not listen and runs right through the glass patio door, ending up with cuts all over her face. Linda takes her to the hospital. Later that night, Jim blames Linda for the accident and calls Linda's mom to come over and help out with the kids. She draws up a calendar of the week's events, and realizes that she still needs to live through Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. Without showing him the calendar, she makes her husband promise her that if the next day is Wednesday, then make sure to wake her up.

On Friday, she confronts Claire about the affair with the husband. Claire says that they were going to have an affair but had not yet. Linda goes to the funeral home and makes the arrangements for a funeral for Saturday. She also finds out that her husband had just tripled the amount of insurance on Wednesday morning, right before his fatal car accident. Linda asks her friend Annie if the accident was not ultimately for the best, since his husband was about to break up their family anyway.

The next morning is Sunday, and she tells Jim to go out on a drive with the kids. He readily agrees. Linda visits her priest, who recounts several such premonitions starting from the 17th century. That night, she asks her husband why things cannot be between them as they used to be. It starts raining and lightning, and they run inside. Linda and Jim make love.

She finally wakes up on Wednesday morning, the day of the accident. Jim did not wake her up. Jim has dropped off his daughters at school, and then he went to his insurance agent to raise the payout on his life insurance. Linda runs to the car while trying to reach him on his cell phone but cannot reach him. Jim calls Claire to break off the affair. Jim then leaves the message for Linda on the home answering machine that was heard on Thursday at the beginning of the film. Meanwhile, Linda calls again and Jim interrupts his voice message. Jim tells her that he loves her. At this point, Linda can see Jim's car in the distance. Jim stops the car to wait for her to catch up. Soon, Linda realizes that Jim has stopped the car near mile marker 220, right where the accident was supposed to occur. She tells him to turn the car around. He does but is almost cut off by an oncoming car. He turns the car off again. Linda tells him to get out of there, but he is unable to either start the car or open the car door. An oncoming tanker truck fishtails and runs over the car, decapitating Jim. Then, the tanker explodes.

In the final scene, Linda wakes up again in her house. Linda and her daughters are moving that morning. Linda is visibly pregnant.

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