Thursday, January 15, 2009

The secret of Women who has big salary.

Five women who has big salary share their secret with you.
1. Be your self
Indra Nooyi, a woman from India who become director in Pepsi Coorporation and one of woman director who has highest salary, never scared for being herself. when she took her first job interview, she was wearing an indian traditional dress, called Sari. Until now, she still wearing Sari in company events.

2. Name is a brand, so keep it.
" I am so carefull of a brand, more over, if there is my name in that brand. Said Rachel ray, chef with highest salary. Good brand ofcourse have good reputation. How to approach it? being profesional, so that it will take to a good reputation.
3. Abandon people who jealous to us.
Dont to care of a bad voice that can block your step to the next success. " I dont think that everyone will like to everything that i habe been done " said Beyonce knowless, a top musician in USA.
4. Support from our spouse
aphorism said that " behind a great man, there is a great woman". so the opposite. Support from our family, especially spouse is needed. Said Sallie Krawcheck, executive who has a highest salary in wall street.
5. Keep your position.
" When i was tried so hard to be the best in tennis, i dont said i wanna be a second.I told myself, i wanna be the first" Said maria Sharapova, Tennis atlet.




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