Friday, January 9, 2009

A Practiced and Spiritual Art: Muay Thai

‘Muay Thai’ is one of the most popular spectator sports in Thailand that is also growing in popularity in other countries as well. The furious punches and level of intensive competition becomes ever more intense when watching the fighting up close and personal.

Thai boxing matches are not only frenetic when it comes to the actual fighting but also in the spectators as the furious making of bets takes places with every fight. Other highlights of the matches are the musical accompaniments that feature at the start that utilize a diverse range of instruments.

Boxing in Thailand is more important and symbolical than normal boxing as when fighters enter the ring they perform a special dance and don a headband that is given by their trainers; a sign of their dedication to the sport.

Before the actual commencement of the fight each boxer performs a standard dance that is known as ‘wai khru’ and involves each fighter bending their knees and bowing three times as a sign of respect for their trainers.

Bouts consist of 5 rounds that are each 3 minutes long and are accompanied with a varying level of music that matches the action that is taking place which provides a level of entertainment that is not commonly seen around the world.

These bouts are an important part of Thai culture and heritage representing the rich heritage of the country and its way of life. Visitors to Thailand can catch these bouts at several venues around the country. Matches are held on Fridays at the Boxing Stadium in Phuket while various demonstrations of the boxing style are demonstrated at various tourist destinations around the country, but these are purely for show and are not actually fights.

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