Monday, January 26, 2009

To many coffee can make us hallucination

Please check, if you have friend or brother that admit they were seeing a ghost or hear something mystical, you can ask them, are they a coffe cholik or not. Based on experiment at England, people who drink in great quantities of coffee tendent easier to get hallucination effect.

Scientist from Dunham University conclude that, people who drink more than seven cup of instant coffee in a day tendent to three fold easier get hallucination than people that only drink one cup of coffee in a day. The conclusion made after they took surveys 200 university students regarding daily consumtion of coffee and their experient in seeing mystical.

"This is a starting step to learn factors that connected with hallucination widely" Said Simon Jones, leader of that experiment. He said that the previously experiments, knowm that pressure, like a childhood trauma, is connecting with hallucination.
James said that, connection between coffee and hallucination may be connet with hormon cortisol. hallucination apprear when body to many produce hormon cortisol. The hormon is made by somebody when they get stress. Cafein consumption also cause producing that hormon.
However,James said that, the connection is not irreversible. whether caffein cause hallucination, the effect maybe not big as a psycology factor. beside that, nt only coffee that caused hallucination, the others is tea, coffee and beverage that contain high cafein. Direct experiment is needed to count connection between caffein adn efect hallucination.




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