Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shapes of Our Face

Choosing style of hijab,choosing style of haircut, choosing type of eyeglasses, choosing style of make up and many more is depend on our shape of Face. There are many shapes of our face and it will effect in our hair style etc which are : 1. round 2. oval 3. triangle 4. square

So which one is your shape of face?. Mine is round one. So i have to choose the best hijab style for round face. Because if i choose wrong style, it will effect in my performance. Hijab Style for Round face: Characteristic shape of the face is the forehead to chin distance equal to the distance the two temples and jaw bones buried flat. make up in concealment in the face of a round shape applied to the temples, around the ear and jaw. So to give an optical illusion on the lines suggested a round face veil that covers the chin brought forward to the cheek, so that the cheeks are visible contain visible reduced. Use undercaps made ​​from an elastic spring to head size is not increased. Avoid using the bun because it will make the round shape of the head. Before taking undercaps use a bandana as a complement to the hijab look more stylish. Use undercaps shaped hats to adorn the brow line and provide the perfect veil and gives the impression of the face elongate



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