Sunday, November 30, 2008

Preparing for a Marriage

Marriage is the most beautiful moment that have been waited so long by every woman. A perfect wedding ceremony is every woman's dream. In that moment, women want to be a quenn in One day. Want to be different from the others, want everything is perfect.
So, prepare for your wedding day to fullfill your dreams to make it perfect.
What should we do to prepare our wedding ceremony, how many step i have to take to make it perfect?. Here there are the answers :

6-12 months before the day
1. decide when the wedding will be held.
2. Decide budget and theme of wedding
3. Decide how many guess that will be invited in wedding ceremony
4. Decide where the wedding will be held
5. make list of guess
6. choose the wedding gown
7. Choose and order salon for make up
8. Choose and order catering
9. Decide honeymoon destination, booking hotel and transportation.

4-5 months before the day
1. Finish guess's list
2. Choose and order wedding invitation
3. fixed theme of wedding ceremony and decoration.
4. Prepare for commites's make up and dress
5. fixed for bride and groom's dress
6. fixed for fotografer and dhooting video
7. fixed vehicle for bride and groom also for commitee
8. choose and fixed for wedding cake
9. Booking for MC and wedding's musical
10.Order for wedding rings.

2-3 month before the day
1. Prepare for supporting document to register the wedding
2. Check pre-wedding health
3. confirm honeymoon
4. fitting dress

6-8 weeks before the day
1. write and arrage for sending wedding invitation
2. finish menu with catering side
3. Test make up
4. fixed for wedding's song

4-5 weeks before the day
1. Send wedding invitation
2. Take wedding ring's order and make sure that the graphic is right

2-3 weeks before the day
1. Arrange wedding ceremony's schedule
2. confirm for total of invitation and the others to building's commitee and catering
3. confirm for all of orders, decoration, vehicle, photographer, wedding's cake, MC, music etc
4. fitting wedding gown plus the accecories
5. Pre-wedding treatment such as, spa, manicure and pedicure, creambath, etc

1 week before the day
1. take a rest,refreshing
2. re confirm all of ordering just to reminder.

The day
Just smile and happy facing a new life with husband :)




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