Monday, December 1, 2008

Tips for Choosing decoration for Wedding reseption

A wedding reseption of course will never be apart from decoration. The decoration, simple or luxurious, has it own meaning in marriage. So what decoration will you choose for your wedding resepsion?
Wedding reception is one one every people's dream. No one of bride or bridegroom will let their wedding reseption just simple and not too good. They always want their wedding reseption held in beautiful decoration. decoration for dais on which bridal couple sits, the desk, bride's room and wedding car.

Every women want that their room will be more beautiful that the others day at her wedding day. because in that room, she will be with her new husband.
There are 2 type for wedding decoration, outdoor decoration and indoor decoration. It will be choosen by each bride and groom. What about your wedding day's consept? indoor or outdoor?
weddind decoration told what you really are, simple or luxurious decoration, classic or modern decoration. You and your bride/groom will be so happy if you can make your guess happy at your wedding reseption and fell how beautiful is your wedding.
So first, choose your wedding decoration consept. Do you choose indoor or outdoor. Choose decoration that use fresh flowers and not imitation. Check the space of buiding and then fixed the decoration based on the space. If the space not too wide, just use minimalis decoration. And dont forget to remain the space for guess to moving around and interaction with each other. The important one is,, ask to decorater the example of wedding decoration that they had done before you decide to pick the best decoration.




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