Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Be a Team Player

You will get many advantages having nice partner at your work. One of the andvantages is you can get confortable work relationship. With team working, it will give better result for our task. So what you should do to form strong team?

1. You can borrow stationery such as ballpoint and paperclip to your partner next your desk, rather than she/ he has to take it at secretariat.

2. Dont make a gossip related your partner with other friend at your office.
3. You can share your knowledge with partner
4. Support his ideas at meeting.
5. Give him a little present such as candies or chocolate, as impression of interest at great day, birthday or other special events.
6. Help to do his task so that your partner can go home early and prepare for his first date.
7. (once) you can cover his fault, so that he will not get angried by boss.
8. Help your partner finish the problem occured by that fault.
9. Help him to remind about meeting schedule and deadline
10. You can borrow your "ear" if your partner want to tell all of his difficulty that he face.
11. Dont bother your partner with your own task or your personal problem, when he was so busy.

and many ways you can take to increase your team player.




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