Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seven reasons to get a new Job

If you really want to leave your existing job but you never dare to do it, Here is seven reasons why you should leave and get new job.

1. Long live Stress
If every morning you never feel spirit when you go to the office and your body suddenly get ill, it means that you have attacked by high stress. It caused by office surrounding that no longer confortable, your overload task etc. Your high stres can effecting your both mentality and phisically. So dont delay anymore, maybe it is the time to find another job.

2. You Feel your Career is Stuck
if you feel that your career at the office is stuck, move to new place is a good solution and must be consider. With your experients, many companies need you and agree to place you in a better potition.

in your exixting office, maybe it's very difficult to get salary raised because of one or more reasons. But in other places, you got your higher point. at interview you can negotiate your desired salary

4. Better Facilities
If you always complaint about your office's facilities, you can get it in another office. From many offers come to you, off course you will choose a company that will give you the best facilities, don't you?

5. Need some time.
in your existing office, you difficult to spend your leasure time, because too busy doing your exercise. By applying a new job, you can choose a job that it will not much spend your time. Such as, if you always overtime, now it's time for you to choose a job that doesn't require overtime.

6. Office to far away from home
Your Office is to far away from home and you often stuck at the way to the office. Tired is for sure. One of the solution is find another job which nearer and strategic with our home

7. Building reputation
If you want to work at more bonafite company, you should leave your company now. Working at a bonafite company can raise your point.




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