Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Mall, Symbol of Powerful of USA

The Mall is not one of high and huge building with many stores inside it. The mall is a storical complex building that explain about USA goverment.
two famous buiding in Washington DC, Capitol hill and white house, is not to far from it. That two building almost face to face, and there are several museum also high monument, Washington Monument, between them.
Capitol hill is one of attractive building in Washington DC. its huge dome with statue of woman, called statue of freedom, very interesting to visit. This building is signed with huge dome above a rotunda with two wings, each wing is occupied by congress, north wing is senat and south wing is DPR office. There is a gallery where visitor can see senat and DPR, above it.

Capitol Hill's dome can be seen when we already get in Pennsylvania avenue, which is a commercial street full of stores, restaurants, and bars. from this street, its also starting point to get tourist bus. This bus will take visitor enjoy the beauty og the Mall, from pennsylvania avenue to Capitol Hill, next Washington Monument and White House.
Capitol Hill building can be visited every monday to saturday. But for now, capitol hill building is closed for general because its being renovated as preparation for inaguration of choosen president, Barrack Obama at January 20, 2009.
From Capitol Hill building, we can continue our trip to enjoy several museum which separate in front of that building. Such are Botanic gardens, American Indian Museum, Air and Space Museum and National Gallery of Art.
If we take a walk from in front of Capitol Hill building, there is a huge field which is used to take a rest, and playing football by nearby people, then we will see Washington Monument which stand with heigth 169.1 meters. Washington Monument is a building with second hightest rock material in the world and it is a highest building in Washington DC. Made by Marbel stone, granitte and sand stone, this monument is constructed to remember first president of USA, George Washington. This monument is located in west The Mall.
If we continue our trip to north side, there is a famous office in the world, White house. Constructed at October 13, 1792, White house is both of home and office of president of USA.
White house compleks contain of executive's house or house of president's family, West wing is a location of Oval Office (president office), Cabinet room adn Roosevelt room, East wing is a location of first woman's office and also for white house social secretaty and old Executive office Building, which is a presiden and vice president's office.
White house have six floor, which contain of basement, first floor, second floor and third floor and two more floor in basement. This building is owned by National Park Service and part of President's park.
White house actually can be visited by public, but since September 11, 2001 attack, visiting to White house is prohibitted. 2 years again, visiting is permitted, but so limited for a group that have made a agreement through congress and giving identity.
Tour is openned every tuesday to saturday at 07.30 until 12.30. Visitors free to go around white house and free of charge. However,toward to inaguration of Barrack Obama at January 20, 2009, the building is being renovated and closed for public.




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