Monday, December 8, 2008

Young Couple and Career.

Just Married, Young couple and nice career. As a young couple do not need to afraid kemesraan rumah tangga will reduce because of chasing the career. One of fearness that faced by young working couple is if to encourage to chasing career, they will forget about their new family. So the solutions of this problems is to get some balancing by doing these tips and trics.
1. Don’t bring job at home
If you are a good professional employee, you will be able to manage time well. It means that you will receive daily target at the office, and you will never bring your job and do it at your home. But these condition will never happen everyday, maybe there are many reasons that you have to do your work at home such as your boss give you new job, or maybe your friend get sick so that you have to do his job, so you need to do it at home. You must tell your couple first, so that he or she won’t upset.

2. Do your work as quick as possible.
Don’t ever to delay to do your work as small as that your work. Routinity delaying your job must be omitted. You should list the high priority of your job, so that you can done it based on its priority. What will you get if you do your work on time? Your boss will happy so that promotion chance will be more high hehhehehehe…you can go home more early. So be a smart worker.

3. Bed Time Story
Just meet with your couple when its already bed time? Use your leasure bed time at room as a miss medicine. After have a dinner together, take a bath and pray Isya together, you and your couple can share about your experience while you were at the office. With sharing each other, you can fell your couple work and its risk. If that day is not to good for your couple at the office, sure you have to encourage him/her and pray so that tomorrow it will better than that day.

4. Weeked together
If Monday to Friday, you always spend it with your work partner, try to spend weeked with your lovely couple. Although just only have a lunch, buy some novel at book store, accompany him to go to workshop, stay at villa out town,Far or near, long or not too long. Your weekend will be more happier.




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