Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bride and Prejudice (2004)

Lalita Bakshi (aishwarya rai)is a daughter of a farmer in Amritsar. She has three sisters, Jaya, Maya, and Lahki. Lalita is introduced to William Darcy( Martin Henderson), an American businessman, but initially deems him to be self-absorbed and resists his advances. Meanwhile, Darcy's friend Balraj and Jaya fall in love, much to the delight of Jaya's mother (who wants her daughters to marry rich men). Meanwhile, a distant relative of the family named Kholi decides that he wishes to marry a beautiful Indian girl (though Kholi is Indian as well, he has lost most of his roots in America). As he is very rich, Lalita's mother offers Lalitia to him. Kholi is unromantic, vain, and disgusting however, and Lalita quickly rejects his offer. Kholi leaves the house and settles for marrying Lalita's best friend, Chandra Lamba.

Lahki falls in love with Johnny Wickham, whose mother was Darcy's childhood nanny. Darcy tries to warn Lalita about Johnny, without revealing he impregnated Georgie, Darcy's younger sister, when she was sixteen-years-old, but she assumes Darcy is simply jealous of his romantic rival.

Lalita, her mother, and sisters go to Los Angeles to attend the wedding of Chandra to Kholi. Lalita and Darcy begin to spend time together, and she overcomes her misgivings and falls in love with him.

Darcy proposes to her, but Lalita declines because Darcy discouraged his friend Balraj from having a relationship with her sister, and she returns to India. Lakhi runs off with Johnny, and everyone is worried. Darcy flies back to London and, with Lalita's help, rescues the younger sister. They fly back to India where Lalita and Darcy and Jaya and Balraj get married in a double wedding.




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