Friday, January 9, 2009

Wanna have a slim body?

Wanna have a beautiful and wonderland body at this year? check out these nine ways to get slim and dont forget to discipline.:)

1. Reduce food contain of carbohydrate
You dont need to lose your food contains of carbohydrate in your daily lsit. But choose food contains lower carbohidrate such as potatoes than rice. Or you can choose pasta which is made by pean and not from wheat.
2. Take soup as your snack
consume soup, especially contains of many vegetables as snack replacement. a research in Pennsylvania State University prove that soup is more stronger to reduce weight than low fat snack.
3. Try to make a good relationship with fat.
Regarding a nutrition specialist, Fiona Kirk, consume non saturated fat 20 minute before eat, it will make brain think that you have already full so that you won't eat many food at meal time.
4. Spray oil
when you cook, dont pour vegetable oil. It will better if you spray an oil in to wok by using oil spray. This method can reduce fat content in a food. It will better if you consume olive oil than vegetable oil.
5. 24 hours detox
wanna have natural detox fastly? best way suggested by Theresa Cheung in her book is by The Lemon Juice diet. Consume 4 glass lemonade everyday, which is a drink that made by 2 tea spoon of orange juice, chayenne, pepper, 300 ml of water and 2 tea spoon of apple syrup. Consume 30 minutes before take a breakfast, 10 minutes before morning snack, 10 minutes before evening snack and 10 minutes before take a dinner. If necessary, bring it at the office.
6. Green food
consume more green food such as vegetables and fruits. Indeed, consume juice made by vegetables. These food only contains of 54 calories per portion.
7. Consume probiotik
bacteri is needed by our body to increase body immune. However, better if you consume more probiotik drink which sold free.
8. Avoid sintetic sweetener.
many people avoid sweetener for diet. To solve the needed of sweet, sugar is replaced by sintetic sweetener. Whereas, regarding the experts, diet drink and sintetic sweetener will make body want a real sugar. So, it will better if we use a real sugar but we reduce the amount.
9. Consume papaya
digistive enzymes content in this fruits is more high that the other fruits. This enzyme will help to reduce stomach filled with air and release fat from body. So start to consume more papayas.




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