Thursday, July 23, 2009

7 things that can damage your skin

Since birth, you are blessed with a smooth skin, beautiful, and not many problems. As you grow up, hormones, error treatment, pollution, water, and many others, disturb the beauty of your skin. What things that can damage the skin that you have had since birth ? Here are seven mistakes that we do, which can be a problem on the skin.

1. Smoking
Many reasons why people smoke, from the tedium or the acid in the mouth, for the fraudulent, to spend time, and others. Reason not to stop smoking even more. While the disease is caused by cigarette is dangerous. Even the government is planning to install the image on the cancer-wrapped packet of cigarettes. If you, the women, still can not stop smoking, stop smoking because it will make you appear older. When you smoke, you will cut off the skin's ability to get oxygen supply is needed. Optimal without oxygen, the skin cells can not renew themselves. This will push the process faster wrinkled skin, skin damage, skin repair and holding. In addition to the contraction will be clearly visible around the mouth, the body of your skin will look more opaque and lose its elasticity.

2. Using a tanning bed
our brothers and sisters on another side the earth that has very pale skin, not rarely strive to be able to get the skin brown. From sunbathing in the sun to go to the tanning bed. Tanning bed is a tool that can help someone get brownish skin, such as the effect after sunbathing. Unfortunately, many patients dermatology experts would get melanoma, unnormallity pigment on the skin due to using a tanning bed. Bad effects tanning bed for 10 minutes with the skin damage that occurs due to sun exposure is exposed to a whole day without masks. Recommended, for you who want to get the brown skin, just use self tanner lotion that has been in the market or just use a bronzer.

3. Sun effects
No we know, sun exposure daily willundermine our skin. With highly recommended that you use sun screen, with at least SPF 15 for day-to-day activities. If you plan to be in the sun for a long time and extreme, it is advisable to use SPF 30. Do not think you can wear to protect your skin from the effect of sunlight, because the clothing equivalent of SPF 4 only. Protecting skin from the effect of sun daily will prevent aging early on the skin ( brown fleck on the skin and fine lines), as well as skin cancer. Do not forget to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays, as these rays can cause cataracts, blindness, and melanoma.

4. Do not Clean makeup when going sleeping
Who has not heard the advice of this one? Clean the makeup before bed is the main rule for healthy skin. Why? Because when you do fall asleep it's the skin rejuvenation and improvement of its cells. If you are still asleep wear makeup, the skin will be difficult to breathe and take oxygen. When the skin of experience, the process of collagen in the skin will be disrupted. When this occurs, the pore-pore clog that it will become food for bacteria. The result? Of course, whelk, komedo, even pore-pore swell.

5. Not consult with a dermatologist
Okay, you know that the skin condition itself. However, the skin is a doctor and get a certificate to learn to know about skin. Examined the condition of the skin once a year can prevent diseases that could occur, such as skin cancer. Flek so much on the skin that is not visible. When you examined self to the doctor regularly, you will get faster prevention. When you find the flek-flek or a suspicious mole, can be treated immediately.

6. Stress
When the mind is depressed, the brain hormone kortisol will pressing exit. This will lead to many things. Kortisol can steal blood reserves in the body and increase the sugar in the blood, which ultimately will make the body does not function as normal. Additional other, will enable the oil gland in the face. Basically, when you stress, the skin has the largest possibility to pustular, possibly look dull, and pale. It is recommended that you perform activities that reduce stress, such as the set of breath, do yoga, or walk at least 15 minutes per day.

7. not enough sleep
Of course you never hear about the "beauty sleep". Yes, as described earlier, that while sleeping, cells to skin rejuvenation. When the body tries to stand still awakened in the sleeping hours, the body musculature is too tired, cause the body to faint. Blood pressure also decreased, which will create a visible loss of skin color, so you tend to create a swell, because of lack of blood circulation. So, it is recommended you sleep 8 hours a day.




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