Thursday, July 23, 2009

Herbal tea and its benefits

Indonesian people love like drinking tea, from the morning, during lunch, or just to spend the afternoon. Tea is now the riched with various of flavour. What is its benefits?

Various herbal mix that is inserted in the tea, have a function and savor each to help our health. Here are some of the property are mixed in herbal tea.

* Chamomile, for relaxation . Chamomile has a sweet taste like apples, fragrant, and can be trusted calm self. Can also be drunk when feeling nervous or panic affect digestion. Chamomile has a womb and calms inflammation ease stomach cramps if you drink two glasses per day on a regular basis. Chamomile tea is also able to help reduce the pain due to PMS and the feeling of heat in the face, can even be trusted to prevent symptoms of diabetes.

* Ginger, for reduce nausea. If you often drunk or seasick ashore, ginger is your best friend. Ginger is able to overcome the nausea and not feeling comfortable on the body. Perhaps because the ability to make the body warm and its flavour enough sting.

* Lemon balm, providing tranquility. Migraine, or headache due to stress can be reduce by drinking tea with the flavour of lemon balm sitrus. Abortion that have antidepresan can help reduce insomnia if drunk before bedtime.

* Peppermint, the fresher. All are certainly familiar, that make fresh, fragrant mint. In addition to providing energy, peppermint tea can also overcome the feeling stomachache.

When you want to make a tea, try to enter the tea into the pot that is closed, so that oil does not released through esensialnya whiff of smoke. Leave for 10 minutes, and lift the tea bag.




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