Monday, August 24, 2009

Small Bread and Sausage

As a new wife, i spend my first ramadhan with my husband. it make me learn how to cook delicious food and appetizer for my husband espesially at this fasting month. Yesterday, when i was searching at internet about menu for dinner, i stuck at in this site, i have found many creation of cheese. and i love cheese. So yesterday, i am preparing for cooking one of menu at that site.

Small bread and sausage
igredient : cooking oil
Kraft singles
salt and pepper
How to cook :
1. mix and shake egg with salt and pepper
2. spread the mix to bread layer
3. put kraft singles on the bread
4. put sausage on the kraft
5. roll the bread
6. fry it until look brown
7. cut the bread into small size
8. serve it.

i love cooking, and i have to learn more to be more clever in cooking.



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